Once We Lived Here

Once We Lived Here

A new musical by Mathew Frank and Dean Bryant

2009 Green Room Award Winner – Best New Australian Musical

Lighting Design by Kim Kwa

From Geoffrey Rush:

“…a beautiful, poignant piece of home-grown music-theatre. It may echo Chekhov and Sondheim but it’s thrillingly pure Oz.”

From Todd McKenney:

“The performances were brilliant. I sat for hours talking about it afterwards…it was quite cathartic. Thought provoking and extravagant theatre. The storyline is the star of the show.”

From Melvyn Morrow:

“The ghosts of Henry Lawson and Nick Enright were applauding from the gods: Henry because the musical captures so beautifully his ‘things will get worse’ sentiment; and Nick because it speaks from the heart and in a beautifully disciplined way shows that love can and will triumph – just! – even under our harsh conditions.”

From The Age review:

“…marvellous…musical theatre full of life, emotion and renewal… It’s an inspirational finale that underlines the quality of this home-grown musical.”

From The Herald-Sun review:

“The performances are first-rate. So good, in fact, they tip the scales towards must-see. Sally Bourne is jaw-droppingly good as Claire. Esther Hannaford pulls off the impossible as Amy, dramatically and vocally.”

Photos Copyright©2009 Bryant and Frank. All rights reserved.

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